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Disclaimer: Pokemon it’s world and characters belong to Game Freak, Nintendo and anyone I haven’t mentioned. I’m just borrowing them for the enjoyment of myself and other fans. Please don’t sue.

Notes: This takes place a short time after fic fourteen.

Pokeverse Fic fifteen

“Hey Ash, how have you been?” She asked as sat down next to him while they watched Max and his friends compare their pokemon. “And pikachu how are you?” She asked his ever present companion.

“I’ve been good,” Ash said as Pikachu chirped an agreement. “I heard about your Ribbon cup win in Sinnoh, congratulations.” She had to smile as it was her first and she couldn’t wait to get another shot at the Hoen Ribbon cup this year.

“Thanks, I heard you’re a big brother now to triplets?” He nodded. “Wow congratulations.” She couldn’t imagine her parents coming up and having more kids now. “What are their names?” She knew Brock had told her but she couldn’t remember.

“Sally, Susan and Jack,” Ash said quickly and then glanced past her so she turned and say Max and his Ralts were having a battle with Cindy’s Mankey. “That is not the same Ralts we met on our trip is it?”

“No that one got caught about a year ago,” She said watching the fight Max’s Ralts had the type advantage but it was a newly caught pokemon so the match looked like it would be close. “Max caught that one earlier today with a pokemon borrowed from dad.” She watched as Max barely pulled out a win. “Now they’ll be running off to the Pokemon center and leaving the party behind.” Ash just nodded and watched as they excused themselves to go to the center. “I can’t believe Max is starting his journey.” Ash didn’t say anything in response.

The End.

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Disclaimer: Pokemon it’s world and characters belong to Game Freak, Nintendo and anyone I haven’t mentioned. I’m just borrowing them for the enjoyment of myself and other fans. Please don’t sue.

Notes: Timing for this should be obvious.

Pokeverse Fic Fourteen

“I can’t believe I caught a Ralts,” Max said cheerfully as he sat in the Pokemon Center getting it looked over. “I didn’t expect to catch one here with the Zigzagoon my dad loaned me.” She saw him frown looking at his dad’s pokeball. “I need to get this back to him can you wait for my Ralts here May while I go return it?”

“Just wait till your Ralts is done,” She said quickly since she needed to keep Max busy a little while longer while their parents sat up for his party. “Maybe you should let Nurse Joy check out Dad’s pokemon just to make sure.” Max nodded and headed over to Nurse Joy she saw Nurse Joy wink at her when Max wasn’t looking. She was glad that Nurse Joy had been filled in on things they hadn’t expected Max to catch a pokemon quiet so quickly. She glanced at her pokegear hoping she’d get the all ready single soon she didn’t know how long she could keep Max away form home.

The device beeped and the text message told her everything was ready. She looked up to see Max was busy watching Nurse Joy so she waved to get her attention behind Max’s head. Nurse Joy nodded and finished up quickly. It was only a short walk back to their house form the Pokemon center so it shouldn’t take them long. She knew that Ash and the ones who were going to travel with her brother would be there which would make Max happy.

The End.

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Disclaimer: Pokemon it’s world and characters belong to Game Freak, Nintendo and anyone I haven’t mentioned. I’m just borrowing them for the enjoyment of myself and other fans. Please don’t sue.

Notes: This is them on the journey to Max’s home.

Pokeverse Fic Thirteen

“I’ve been meaning to ask are you going to catch any new Pokemon while your traveling with Ash,” Tommy said looking over at him. “I mean you only brought your Rhyperior with you and left yours and Brock’s other pokemon at the gym.” His brother had just caught a Zigzagoon to add to his own collection. “There are some pretty interesting Pokemon in the Hoen region you could catch.”

“I haven’t given it much thought,” he said honestly. “I might catch some if the opportunity presents itself but I’m not looking too.” He glanced over at his sister who was consulting a guide book. “What about you Cindy you don’t seem to be looking?”

“I’m waiting until we get to an area that has Shroomish.” She said looking down. “I want to be a fighting type master cordinator.” He glanced over at Ash who just shook his head and kept walking. He was a gym leader he was used to type specialization but his sister seemed even worse than most about it.

“Hey guys something isn’t right,” Ash said after a moment. “Listen it is too quiet.” He listened and frowned Ash was right there was absolutely no sound of pokemon at all anymore. They found out why seconds later when a huge pack of Poochyena. “Just use a pokemon to scare them off,” Ash called and motioned for Pikachu. “Pikachu use thunderbolt.” The pack of pokemon took off before he and his siblings even had a chance to join in.

“I was going to catch one,” Tommy said sounding a bit down. “Ah well there’s always another time.” His brother put his pokeball away. “So how much further to Petelburg City?” He would be glad to get there himself and get some rest.

The End.

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Disclaimer: Pokemon it’s world and characters belong to Game Freak, Nintendo and anyone I haven’t mentioned. I’m just borrowing them for the enjoyment of myself and other fans. Please don’t sue.

Notes: This takes place the day after fic Eleven.

Pokeverse Fic Twelve

“My sister’s statement didn’t make you uncomfortable did it? He asked Ash when he finally saw him again. He honestly thought Ash was ignoring him but one look at Ash’s confused face. “Didn’t you hear what she said to that woman?”

“You mean Marie the Pokemon collector,” Ash said with a snort. “I heard but it doesn’t bother me if you like girls or not.” Ash then frowned. “Speaking of which here she comes again see ya later.” Ash took off and sure enough the woman showed back up. He realized Ash wasn’t avoiding him he was avoiding her.

“Oh your friend left already I wanted to see if he’d trade his Drattini for my Gengar,” She said shaking her head. “Do you have any idea what Pokemon he really wants I simply must have that Drattini.”

“Your not going to get him to trade,” He said directly to her. “The entire time my family has known him he’s only traded one pokemon and that was too a good friend not a stranger.” He could tell she seemed absolutely floored by that.

“But trading it what being a collector of Pokemon is all about.” He found himself staring at her at that statement. “I can’t believe a pokemon collector like Tyrone Mckinny has only traded one pokemon.” He stared even harder at her.

“That’s not Tyrone Mckinny that’s Ash Ketchum,” He said and the woman stopped and looked confused. “But I’ve seen Tyrone in hundreds of pokemon collection magazines he looks exactly like that.” She reached into a bag and pulled out a magazine. The guy she flipped too did look a lot like Ash. “Okay I admit they look alike but the guy your chasing isn’t him he’s Ash Ketchum a Pokemon trainer he’s won a couple of conferences.”

“Oh I don’t follow competitive pokemon training I’m just a collector,” the woman said sounding embarrassed. “No wonder he’s been running from me I just thought he was playing hard to get Tyrone has a reputation with the ladies I was feeling insulted.” She blushed even more. “Oh my the things I offered to do last time I saw him.” She seemed horrified. “Applogize to your friend for me I have to go.” She took off leaving him standing there alone.

He made his way back to the room still marveling at Ash having a famous doppleganger in the Pokemon collecting world. Of course he knew nothing about that world so he supposed it wasn’t that surprisingly. He got into the room to see Ash laid out on his bed with pikachu. “Don’t worry Ash I don’t think she’ll follow you anymore she thought you were a pokemon collector named Tyrone.”

“Oh, that explains why she kept calling me a collector,” Ash said as he sat up. “I suppose I should have told her who I was but I just wanted to get away from her.” Ash actually got up and grabbing the complimentary laptop in the room pulled up a picture of that guy. “That makes five people I’ve been mistaken for.” Ash said glancing at Pikachu.

“So it happens often?” Ash shook his head no. “But often enough that it isn’t surprising?” Ash nodded his head then and laid back down on the bed. “Well at least I won’t have to run off the ship tomorrow morning when we dock.”

He nodded and laid back on his own bed. “Thanks for not freaking out over what my sister said,” He said after a moment. The conversation with Marie the collector had put it out of his mind. He looked over and saw that Ash had fallen asleep. Pikachu gave him a thumbs up as if to say he was welcome before snuggling down with Ash.

The End.

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Disclaimer: Pokemon it’s world and characters belong to Game Freak, Nintendo and anyone I haven’t mentioned. I’m just borrowing them for the enjoyment of myself and other fans. Please don’t sue.

Notes: This takes place toward the end of the boat ride to the Hoen region.

Pokeverse Fic Eleven

“How long does this boat ride take,” Cindy said as she paced up and down on the deck. “I mean my Mankey and Poliwag have their first contest routines down.” He glad his sister was confident and happy but her constant complaining about the length of the journey was getting to him.

“You can never have too much practice,” Tommy her older twin said with a shrug from where he was feeding his Bulbasaur. Unlike his sister Tommy hadn’t caught another Pokemon on the way to the docks to catch the ship. “Besides according to the captain will be there the day after tomorrow and then it is just a day or so’s journey to Max’s house we will be there in time for his birthday.”

“Hey you guys should come to the pool,” a kid he vaguely recalled hanging around with his siblings on the boat announced looking over at them. “There’s a guy there with a Drattini in the water I’ve never seen one.”

“We’ll be right there Carter,” Tommy called cheerfully and recalled his Bulbasaur. He watched them run off before getting up and following after them. He had a pretty good idea who it would be since Ash had headed to the boat’s on board Pokemon Nurse in the middle of the night because the egg he was carrying was hatching. Ash hadn’t come back to the room so he’d assumed the hatching was still going on so Ash must have taken the pokemon to the pool first thing.

He was proven right when they got there and found Ash in a far corner of the pool with Pikachu floating on a small inter tube next to him carefully guiding a small just hatched drattini around in the water. He noticed they’d picked up a crowd that Ash was doing his best to pretend weren’t all standing around staring. He saw a very beutiful woman rather boldly heading over toward Ash in a very revealing swimsuit. He guessed she was probably three or four years older than him and Ash. “Excuse me I know you probably don’t want to be disturbed but I was curious where you caught such a tiny Drattini it looks newly hatched?” She was leaning over so Ash could see her cleavage better he noticed.

“He is newly hatched,” Ash said as the small Drattini climbed up onto his arm wrapping around it. “I”ve been carrying his egg around for months.” He knew that newly hatched Pokemon reached their full size in a few days so Drattini wouldn’t be so small for long.

“Oh, I don’t supose you’d be interested in a pokemon trade or working something else out?” He was amazed at how brazenly she was hitting on Ash with how she was leaning in and closer. “It is just you see I’ve always wanted a Drattini.”

“No, chance,” Ash said and then putting his hand on Pikachu’s tube he pushed off swimming away from her and over to the edge where he climbed out pikachu hoping up onto his other shoulder. “I’m heading back to the room.” Ash said when he got next to them. “I need to catch up on the sleep I missed last night.” He nodded and watched Ash toweling off as a large crowd was gathering.

“Excuse me,” The woman said showing up beside him. “Could you give your friend my card in case he changes his mind.” She said as she held out a card. “I’d be really grateful.” He couldn’t believe now she was flirting with him.

“Your barking up the wrong Tree Lady,” Cindy said way to loudly. “If it was our brother Brock you might have a shot but mom says Forrest doesn’t like girls.” He felt himself blush in sheer shock that his sister had said that right in the middle of a crowed of on lookers admiring Ash’s Drattini.

“That isn’t what Mom said,” Tommy said loudly .”She said Forrest doesn’t like girls as much as Brock which is true no one likes girls as much as Brock if he was here someone would have had to drag him away from this pretty lady by now.” He noticed the crowed was dispersing then and the woman who looked a bit shocked seemed much more relaxed as she held out her card again. He took it just to avoid more embarrassment and shooed his siblings away. He just hoped Ash hadn’t over heard that statement of his sisters.

The End

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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Marvel just borrowing it for my own and hopefully the amusement of other fans.

This is a fic in my Amends verse of interconnected fics. This is part of the Side story Journey Through Time.

Contains: Nothing really though I’m playing with my duplication fixation again

Desperate Gamble

He wasn’t even sure why he was in the meeting he had no combat experience and while he’d tagged along on a few of Gambit’s adventures he wasn’t going to be any use in this situation. “I am afraid that Rachel’s fears appear well justified,” Reed said from in front of a screen. “The Mastermold system is spreading taking control of all sentinels production it will be able to take over the world any time it wants.”

“Then we need to hit that building now before the Nimrod’s come on line,” the young hero from this time said. “I mean if we take them all out and blow up Mastermold it should stop it form taking over for a while.”

“At least until the government tries to build another one,” the really creepy Terror said. “No offense folks but according to the red haired girl one of these things could probably take us on we probably can’t out fight two hundred of them.

“Unless there were more of us,” Sam said looking over at James Madrox. “If Reed is right and you can create duplicates of other people you can swell our numbers enough to stand a chance.” He wondered if anyone else realized how crazy that was.

“Hey, shouldn’t those of us bouncing around in time sit this out we only have to be here another two weeks we don’t have to fight this battle,” he said ignoring his guilt. “What happens if James duplicates us and he can’t undo the duplicates?” He had a vision of a half dozen of each of them arriving back in the past.

“I won’t sit by and watch this nightmare happen again,” Rachel said speaking up. “I’m going to destroy that plant so Jamie if you can make more than one of me do it.” He wasn’t surprised that after that everyone was agreeing.

“I just know I’m going to regret this,” he said stepping up to once again volunteer to take part in this craziness. He saw Nate Grey and Sam talking quietly alone and then several metal rings floated up one over to him. “What’s this for?” The others were also asking.

“So we don’t lose track of the original people,” Sam said and he realized why Sam and Nate would do that. “Place it on the table and then put it on after Jamie makes the doubles.” It was actually a good idea at least now he’d know if one of the originals died.

The End.

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Disclaimer: The DC universe belongs to DC comics, Warner Brothers and anyone I forgot to mention. I’m just borrowing things for my own and possibly the enjoyment of others fans.

Notes: This is apart of my Ten Worlds AU. This takes place just after To Restore her father.


“So how close did I get this time,” Superboy asked from behind her in the altered voice the suit he was wearing produced. She glanced up from the research she was doing and was once again struck by how imposing the Kryptonian stealth suit he was wearing was. The silver and black faceless monstrosity bore no emblems that marked it as Kryptonian for which she was glad. While it prevented sensors and camera’s from taking pictures an eye witness could still expose her and Superboy’s extra curricular activities.

“You got within ten feet before I heard you that’s pretty good,” She had been focusing on her work but that wasn’t unusual. “Your early I thought you were supposed to be having dinner with the family?”

“Clark, Lois and Chris had to ask for a rain check, Luthor tried to escape from prison again.” He pulled off the faceless helmet as he looked over her shoulder. “What exactly are you researching?” He was staring at the list with a curious look on his face.

“It looks like Wilson might have been killing heroes even before he recruited Deathwing to do it.” She hadn’t been happy to notice that some unsolved deaths now seemed to be linked to the Resurrected Ravager.

“I didn’t even know some of these people where dead.” He said looking sad then as he read the list. “I probably should do a better job of looking into how things changed now that I”ve been back for a while.”

“You’ve been busy the last few weeks,” She said calmly. “Burning the candle at both ends helping Superman with Chris and not to mention our activities ever since you captured Ravager for me.” She didn’t bring up the other elephant in the room.

“And burying Joseph when he got killed trying to save Luthor from being murdered by those Tamaranean clones. “ He sounded sad but also conflicted. “And then Luthor comes back resurrected by one of Kelex’s children with all of Superman’s powers and nearly wrecks Metropolis attacking him.” She was reminded again of what Superboy said to her after he pulled Ravager out of a Bialyan fortress in under three minutes about how much he and the rest of the Kryptonians held back to keep folks from panicking. She hadn’t really believed it until Luthor not holding back had shattered every piece of glass in Metropolis by hitting Superman as hard as he could. “And then the other one of Kelex’s kids showed up and stripped him of his powers leaving a wrecked city and him finally in jail like he belongs.” He shook himself, “Do you have the specs of that illegal weapons lab using stolen alien tech for me to take out?”

She nodded and brought up the plans as he memorized them quickly. She knew that unlike Superman or the late Bart Allen his memory wasn’t completely perfect but that he’d be able to remember for the few minutes it would take him to over whelm the base when he didn’t hold back. “Good luck.” She said as he pulled the helmet back on and left. She knew that they would have to stop this soon. There was already chatter in certain circles about the mysterious meta human who they estimated was more powerful than Superman causing trouble and ignoring international laws. She knew that once Bruce was fully back on his feet after Talia’s wonder cure that he would figure things out soon enough and put a stop to it.

“The boy is still holding back you know,” A voice said and she turned to see a man she’d been expecting for weeks standing there. She had known sooner or later he’d show up and try to manipulate her by offering to restore her legs. “He cuts loose more while playing dress up with you but he still holds back all of them do even Luthor after my upgrades wasn’t as strong as Kal El and Kon El fully unleashed since he only had about two weeks of bio-converted solar energy inside him.” He smiled then and it was unnerving. “But I’m not here to talk about how much you and the other humans should fear the Kryptonians, I’m here to talk about how unfair it is that Batman once again gets magical healing and gets saved from being crippled unlike you.”

“Go away I won’t make any deals with you not even to walk again,” She said with all the conviction she could muster. She had faced this temptation many times before there were forces out there that could have allowed her to walk again but she had always sworn not to use any method a normal person couldn’t use to recover. She had also sworn never to make a deal with a devil like the one in front of her.

“Who says I’d ever allow you to walk again, I stopped my dear sister from being able to ever heal you simply because your more useful in that chair,” He said with a sinister smile. “Just like I told Batman your of more use in saving Gotham from destruction in that chair than out of it.” She hadn’t been aware of that part of their conversation since Bruce had never shared it with her. She wasn’t surprised but it still hurt. “But I might reconsider enough to allow you to regain the use of your legs after the crisis has passed.” He produced a syringe then. “This shot will very slowly repair your spine it would take about a year and if you survive that long with all the trouble coming you’d wake up able to feel your legs and began rehabilitation and some day walk again.” His smile got even more sinister as he went on. “You see my dear once I’m gone and can no longer directly help my side I’d like to cost the good guys their Oracle and give them back an inferior Batgirl instead.”

“Just go away,” She said doing her best not to stare at the syringe in his hand. “I will never make any deals with you.” He just smiled and then there was a terrible wrenching sensation and a bright flash of light. “Where?” she asked as she realized she was standing again.

“Let me show you what you are really rejecting my dear not just the ability to walk again but the possibility of a truly happy ending for both your families.” She looked around and saw that they were quiet clearly in Wayne Manor though it was strangely full of people. “Comissioner, I’m glad you could get the night off,” Tim said and she was shocked to see that he was talking to what could only be her. Not only was Tim there instead of dead but her older self was walking.

“Unlike Bruce and Terry I know when to take time off Tim.” She said cheerfully and she noticed a little boy with a face similar to Dick’s running up to her calling for his grandma. “Excuse me Tim little Richard wants something.” She heard a noise then and saw an older Bruce emerging with a young dark haried man and then they were back in her clock tower.

“The boy is an interesting case in a lot of futures he becomes the new Batman, truly owning the identity in a way that no one aside from Bruce ever does,” The man said with a shrug. “Of course his back story changes often in some he’s just a stray who comes along, in others he’s Bruce’s son through the actions of either a shadowy government organization or Damian’s actions but in your current future he might not even be born.” He looked at her then. “You can have a chance at that future you glimpsed all you have to do is research the threats to Gotham I point you to and ignore all the rest and I will even give my sister permission to add a second Gotham vigilante to her batch of upcoming resurrections.”

She felt sick as she realized the temptation he was offering wasn’t just her legs but was Tim alive again and a happy future. It was hard to resist agreeing immediately and then she recalled him saying a chance at a happy future. Her training took over and she took what she knew about him and the sobering answer was instantly clear. “You’ll never allow that happy future to come true even if I take the deal that’s why you said chance.” He just frowned and she knew it. “Just get out of here I won’t take your deal.”

“I would try to stop it but you might would have won but I know when I’m not wanted.” He turned away then. “But just so you know you would have saved this city without Batman ever having to call on my aid again you just cost him a chance to avoid having to consider making a deal with me to save his Gotham.” The man was gone then leaving her alone with a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach she felt this wasn’t over for some reason.

The End.

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Disclaimer: The DC universe belongs to DC comics, Warner Brothers and anyone I forgot to mention. I’m just borrowing things for my own and possibly the enjoyment of others fans.

Notes: This is apart of my Ten Worlds AU. This takes place Six Weeks after The Choice

To Restore her Father

She headed towards the room where her father slept after that woman’s attack on him. She knew that many of their followers were beginning to consider leaving as rumors of her fathers condition were spreading through what remained of the League. If she didn’t find a way to revive her father from his coma that even the pit could not cure soon what was left of his Empire would fall into ruins.

She entered the room and froze as the woman who did that was there and so was the other. Her brother the man who had let her witness his manipulation of her love and had revealed the future that caused all this. They were clearly arguing though no sound escaped them. She was about to summon the guards when the woman finally nodded and vanished. “Ah Talia sorry about that but we were just negotiating what I had to give her in exchange for being able to undo what she has done to your father.” The man frowned then. “I warned you she was dangerous but you just had to put a hit out on Jason Todd.”

She ignored his jibe she regretted the outcome but did not regret trying to destroy a threat to her son’s life. “If you are going to restore my father do so,” She said wishing that she knew more about these things. She knew they had some connection to Superboy’s disappearance and return but with the League’s resources all but destroyed she hadn’t been able to acquire more information.

“Oh no my dear, because of your actions I had to give my dear sister permission to add Jean Paul Valley to her cadre of resurrected and recreated heroes.” The man said darkly. “That means my dear that before Ra’s will so much as open his eyes you will perform three tasks for me and only then will he be restored to you.” The man then smiled his expression turning gentle which was more disturbing than anything she’d seen thus far. “But I am not heartless I will aid you in a small way I have restored half the assets my sister took from the league the money, property and weapons will allow you to hold onto control and rebuild the league while you do this work for me.”

She did not answer him only glanced at her father. “The first task is a simple one there is a file on your personal computer that contains twelve names I want them dead within the week.” He said with a shrug. “They are unimportant but their children’s children would build a better Gotham and I will not have that and one of those descendants would supplant your son as the true heir to Batman’s legacy if you don’t kill them.” She began to suspect that this was all about her son. “Yes Talia this is all about your son.” The man smiled darkly. “I wish for him to grow into the true heir of his father and grand father not to end up something less like Grayson.”

“Explain,” She said considering his words. She had been disturbed by some of the reports coming out of Gotham. She had already began to suspect his partnership with Grayson of the last few weeks was changing her son. She hadn’t had the resources to take any action but now she did.

“It all has to do with the second tasks which will involve this,” He said producing a small case. “It contains a single syringe filled with a lazarus derivative that you will inject into Bruce Wayne it will heal him and allow him to resume being Batman.” He frowned then, “I miscalculated you see I wanted Batman to ask for me to restore him but it will be months before he will do so of his own free will and by then Grayson will have ruined your son and made him weak.” He smiled then. “But once you heal Bruce Wayne he will resume being Batman and will make your son strong and he need never know that I wanted Grayson separated from Damian.”

“Why do you want them separated?” She asked determined to find out what agenda this creature had and how she could come out ahead for her father and son’s sake. She saw the man smile then and he reached out and showed her. She saw her son wearing his father’s cowl standing with an army of his grandfathers soldiers. “The future?” She asked unsure she if she trusted it.

“The future that I want to see happen,” the man said. “But with each day he spends with Grayson another future threatens to replace it.” He touched her again and she saw her son smiling laughing dressed as Nightwing instead of Batman. He was standing with a girl in a red hood they were clearly in love and happy. “This other future threatens to replace the other more and more Grayson is changing your son in ways neither of us like.”

“The third task what is it,” She asked determined that her son would make her proud not take after Grayson. The man smiled and handed her a photo he produced from somewhere. “I need you to break Grant Wilson out of prison and keep him hidden the more he talks the more likely some of my plans will be exposed.” The man then walked over to her father’s beside. “So do we have a deal?”

“Yes I will do the three tasks you ask,” She said and he nodded and reached down touching her father. “When will he awaken?” She had no doubt he would she now had leverage on this creature he didn’t want her love to know he healed him.

“Once the three tasks are completed he will awaken moments after all three have been completed.” He then shrugged. “So about a week since that’s how long it will take you.” He said with a knowing look. “Ignore my sister if she returns she can no longer hurt you or your father as long as you don’t pick another fight by going after Todd again.” He was gone then leaving her alone with her father. She got up and left the room she had things to do.

The end.

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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Marvel just borrowing it for my own and hopefully the amusement of other fans.

This is a fic in my Amends verse of interconnected fics. This is part of the Side story Journey Through Time.

Contains: Nothing really though if you know Days of Future’s past you’ll get Rachel’s panic

Nightmare from the Past

He was getting used to having the new folks around even though it made their little hideout even more cramped than it normally was. He still wasn’t having much luck in the romance department since the only girl in the group was clearly pining for someone else. He wasn’t going to give up though she was only here for a month and it had been a while so he was going to see if he couldn’t get her to have some no frills fun. He headed into what passed as a living room here in the hide out to find her watching tv. “Hey Rachel, I was looking all over for you?”

“Hey Robbie,” She said not taking her eyes off the news feed. “I’m not going to have no frills fun with you.” She said with a half smile. “Word of advice if you want to flirt with a telepath don’t rehearse your come on loudly in your head as your bouncing toward her.” He found himself laughing then heard her gasp. He saw that he face was white as a sheet as she stared at the news feed. “It can’t be.” She said turning up the news feed.

“Ladies and Gentlemen the new Nimrod sentinel will deal with the upstart super humans once the first two hundred units go online in seventy two hours.” A typical politician was saying. None of them from the past had been surprised that politicians were the same even in the year 2099. “Also the new Mastermold control system will guarantee that sentinels will be able to respond much faster without human intervention.”

“Those idiots now it is happening here,” Rachel said as she got up and headed out of the room. He followed after her trying to keep up. “I have to talk to Reed, he has to be told what will happen if Mastermold is brought online.”

“Rachel calm down what’s going on,” He said as he caught up. “So we’ll have to deal with some fancy new Sentinels it isn’t that big a deal?” The look she turned on him made him feel like he was a complete idiot.

“In every world I’ve ever seen Mastermold eventually takes over and Nimrod is the stuff of Nightmares it adapts to any power used against it one alone could take on the Entire X-men and me when I had the powers of the Phoenix and they’ve built two hundred of them.” She was gone again then heading for Reed and he felt a bit intimidated by her statements. He began to be nervous wondering exactly how bad things were going to get.

The End.

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Disclaimer and notes on master prologue

Cycles of Chaos
Cycle Three
Chapter Three of Six

“Welcome back,” Metron said as he opened his eyes inside a transparent metal tube. “Are you aware of what has taken place over the last two weeks since you were divided into four separate bodies?”

“I can remember sort of, it’s like four different dreams I had so it’s pretty jumbled,” he said and Metron nodded. He was relieved about one thing though his powers seemed to be back to normal no more freakish energy powers to deal with. “Can I get out of this tube now?”

“I would prefer to observe you for a longer time to make sure you are suffering no side effects from the integration,” Metron said and then produced a small band full of glowing lights. “However, I doubt you would enjoy such a precaution so as long as you wear this monitoring device I will allow you to leave the tube.”

“Sure, I’ll wear it,” He quickly consented. He just wanted out of that tube he needed to find Cassie and apologize for the actions of the yellow and blue versions of himself. As soon as the device was strapped to his wrist he took off relieved to fly normally again. He was about to take off and search for Cassie when he heard Secret calling his name. “Yeah what is it Secret?”

“Cassie, asked me to give you this when you got fixed,” She said holding a letter out towards him. He took it and skimmed it and found himself frowning. “What’s the matter?” She asked concern clear in her voice.

“She’s asked me to stay away from her for a few days so she can think about everything.” He couldn’t blame her but it still hurt not to get to speak with her. “I should go ask Rob if I should stay away or not.”

“No, he’s too busy you should go ask someone else.” Secret said way too quickly. “In fact why don’t you just go see Cassie I’m sure she’s over it now.” She was basically pushing him toward the direction he’d have to fly to reach Cassie’s house.

“Greta, can I borrow my younger self for a moment,” The older him said dropping out of the sky behind them. He saw Secret give his older self a dark glare and then fly off leaving him confused. “She really isn’t taking the revelation of the true nature of me and my Tim’s relationship well.” His older counterpart said watching her go.

“Is that what that was about?” He glanced at his future self. “Is she afraid if I go talk to Rob the two of us will start making our or something?” His future self nodded and he felt embarrassed. “No way that would just be weird.” He then remembered who he was talking to when the other man laughed. “So what did you want to talk about?”

“Nothing really, I just figured you needed rescuing from Secret before she freaked out on you out of jealousy.” His older self started to drift away and then turned back. “Also if you want to talk about how to deal with your outing to everyone before they all forget I’m available.”

“How did Cassie take it in your time?” He asked as it was the first question that came to him. He was sure things would be okay with the others but he wasn’t sure Cassie was going to get over it. “I mean it must have surprised her when you started dating Robin.”

“Not really she’d seen me with guys before that,” His older counterpart Connor he reminded himself said. “The first time she ever saw me with a guy was a different story though she didn’t take it well.” Connor looked thoughtful. “Though to be fair we hadn’t really got our friendship back on track from our break up yet.” His older self smiled then, “Tim’s former fiancee took it so much better.”

“So what should I do just avoid her until things reset again?” He asked and saw his future self frown. “What it would take care of the problem I mean only me and the folks from other worlds would remember and I can ask them not to say something.”

“I think you should take the time to talk things out with her in a few days,” Connor said giving him a hard look. “You should find a way to be honest with her because it could only help your odds of working out this time around.”

“Shouldn’t you be trying to set me up with Tim instead of helping me fix things with Cassie,” He asked and flinched at the dark look Connor gave him. He was getting really self conscious as Connor didn’t speak just kept glaring at him.

“That isn’t funny,” His older self said after an agonizing silence. “Regardless of who you end up with rather it’s Cassie, Tim or someone else you won’t turn into me,” he paused obviously thinking, “unless you forget everything with the final reset then maybe you’ll turn into me.” His older self began to lift off again. “I suggest you go think about things and decide what you are going to do.”

He nodded and Connor took off flying away. He took off back toward Hawaii he’d go visit Tana’s grave and think about things. He wished she was around to talk to at times like this because even after they’d broken up she’d always been a good friend.


“So how many times did you have to insist you weren’t involved with your world’s Kon before Bruce believed you?” His older counterpart asked surprising him. He glanced back at him before turning back to the computer where he was still trying to locate the clone Kon and Bart. “Connor, told me all about Batman’s visit so I know he had to interrogate you just before he left.”

“He took my word for it after only one question,” He said not that he thought Bruce totally believed him. “It is weird that he never bothered to ask me if I ever was attracted to men or if it is a change brought about by that future event Metron mentioned.”

“Bruce, never cared if I dated a guy or a girl,” his older self said with a weak smile. “He didn’t particularly care for anyone I dated but he never really objected until Kon.” His older self shook his head. “Even seven years later the two really only get along for mine and Clark’s sake.”

“So Batman and Superman still have their unique relationship in your time?” He asked not really surprised though he occasionally wondered if it was ever going to collapse under the weight of their respective issues.

“Yes, they are still best friends and each other’s worst critic,” his older self said with a hint of a smile. “I don’t think the next generation is going to be as friendly though,” his older self was frowning. “Damian and Connor hate each other so I doubt the tradition will continue when Bruce and Clark step down even if Connor and I do somehow end up back home.”

“How do we get along with Bruce’s son I only saw the older version for a short time before the last restart?” He was curious how they would get along. He found the idea of Bruce having a kid out there slightly unnerving.

“We have learned to tolerate each other,” his older self said with a guarded look. He knew himself well enough to guess that his older self didn’t care for Bruce’s son much. “Our relationship got off to a rocky start.”

“That’s an understatement,” Connor said as he entered the room. “For a while I thought it was only a matter of time before you were going to snap and put the little creep in traction.” He saw his older self frown at Connor’s words. “Believe me if he’d stayed on the Titans any longer I’d have given into temptation and done so.”

“We have a problem,” Metron announced appearing before either he or his future self could react to Connor’s statement. He could tell that Metron was speaking primarily to Connor and he wondered why he seemed to be singling him out so much.

“What kind of problem,” his older self asked quickly. He noticed that the older version of himself also seemed to have noticed that Metron was speaking primarily to Connor. He thought back and noticed that Metron had payed more attention to Connor than anyone else since this whole thing began.

“I have learned that the two clones come from a level of hypertime between the one you and Nightwing come from and this one,” Metron said a hint of excitement in his voice. “I believe they found their way here by journeying through the hole the four of you made on your initial journey.”

“How is that a problem?” Connor asked before anyone else could. “Are they going to start causing problems like we do?” He wondered if Metron even heard Connor because he still had a look of excitement on his face. He wondered again not for the first time if they could even trust the new god.

“No they will not cause those types of problems,” Metron said finally. “The problem is they will attempt to return home soon and it will cause a shock wave that will affect everyone and everything on this Earth.”

“So we need to stop them,” Connor said as if it was that simple. He saw Metron shaking his head and a confused Connor asked, “Is there a reason we can’t stop them?” Metron seemed to stare off into space for a moment before he finally answered.

“If they don’t go through with this then the shockwave will be even worse than the one they will cause,” Metron said grimly. “I am informing you of this event because once again I must take my leave of this reality or risk losing everything I have gained.” Metron then looked straight at Connor. “Also my instruments predict that something alien to our sphere of existence will emerge into our hypertime as a result of this event and it must be contained.”

“What exactly will be coming through,” His older counterpart said, “and how can we contain it.” He noticed Metron was glancing at something on one of his screens and seemed to be ignoring his older counterpart’s question.

“It is a small chunk of unknown matter that will be contained by the Motherbox Nightwing is wearing,” Metron said finally. “He simply needs to be present when it emerges into this world.” He then turned toward them. “The motherbox will transport you to the location where the event is to occur a few seconds before it happens.” Metron then looked somber. “I will return after this drama has concluded.” Seconds later Metron was gone.

He turned toward his older counterpart and Connor only to see Connor vanishing into a boom tube. “It appears to be happening now,” His older counterpart said grimly. “We should try to warn the others.”

They had both just turned towards the door when a blast of white light enveloped everything. He felt himself shifting and changing and his mind flooded with images of strange worlds. He realized he was flashing back through every weird transformation he’d experienced in the previous two cycles but now their memories were coming with them. He tried to focus on his own memories but eventually the strain became too much and he lost himself in the confusion.

To be continued..

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Disclaimer and notes on master prologue

Cycles of Chaos
Cycle Three
Chapter Two of Six

“Okay enough of the Batman the second act,” the older Kon said loudly causing everyone to turn to where he was arguing with the future Tim. She was glad for the distraction because the pleading looks from the yellow Kon were getting on her nerves. She wondered what they were arguing about. “Look Tim, in a little over three weeks you are disappearing so screw keeping it a secret.” She had no idea what it was but she watched as the two stared at each other for a moment before the older Tim nodded. She was then shocked to see the older Kon pull him into a kiss.

She turned away and looked around for her Tim. She wasn’t surprised to see he was ignoring what was going on and working quietly on the task Metron had given him. “You all ready knew,” she said hoping she didn’t sound like she was accusing him of something. “That’s why the Red Kon with Barry West didn’t surprise you?” She had to know one thing. “Is this one of the things I forgot about?”

“No you never knew,” He said and she was glad about that. “I think they were originally keeping it quiet to avoid making things awkward for all of us.” He sounded odd. “I think the older Kon is tired of keeping it quiet since they only have a limited amount of time left together and no idea what will happen to the older me when things restart again.”

“It is time to reintegrate Kon El,” Metron said loudly before she could reply. “Nightwing, I need the four energy Kon’s to be placed into the machine now.” She watched as the older Kon moved them all at once without touching them. He didn’t seem even a bit self conscious while she was fighting not to blush in embarrassment while seeing him. She felt torn, she’d like to go off alone and think through everything she’d learned in the last few hours but she wanted to be here for her Kon in case things went wrong. She was still torn when the machine activated and the four Kon’s dissolved into morphing balls of energy.

“The process is proceeding well in ten hours Kon El will be completely re-integrated,” Metron said and she saw a small multicolored ball of energy forming in the large tube on top of the machine. “I am more than capable of supervising the process from here on out all of you should get some rest.”

She took the opportunity to leave still feeling somewhat guilty that she wasn’t staying to watch but the fact she couldn’t do anything even if something went wrong helped a bit. “Hey Cassie, wait up,” someone called and she looked back to see one of their guest from other timelines. She thought for a moment and then remembered he was Superman’s son.

“Can I help you?” She asked wondering why he’d bothered to follow after her. She saw him give her a strange look and then a look of understanding came over his face followed by what looked like real sadness.

“Never mind,” He said sadly. “I forgot for a moment that you don’t remember us becoming friends.” She wondered again about everything she’d forgotten. “With everything going on with the multiple Kon El’s we hadn’t had a chance to talk yet so it didn’t really dawn on me that you didn’t remember me anymore.” She got the impression he wasn’t being fully honest but she didn’t call him on it. “I’ll leave you alone now.”

She watched him go wondering why he’d followed after her for a moment before turning back toward home. She needed some time alone to work through everything and staying at the hotel would make that impossible.


He landed on the roof of the hotel and settled down feeling really stupid for not realizing that Cassie wouldn’t be his friend any more. He sat himself down and did his best to push the disappointment aside. It was for the best anyway as it dealt with the awkwardness surrounding her attempt to ask him out. He had been incredibly tempted especially by the fact neither of them would remember it but he’d managed to stay faithful to his girlfriend despite how attractive he found Cassie.

He was startled from his thoughts when Nightstar landed on the roof top with him. “I hope you don’t mind but I needed to get away from the latest fight Barry and Iris are getting into.” She looked depressed. “I can’t deal with another fight about how irresponsible he is right now.”

“I imagine it would get old,” He said wondering if the Flash’s kids in his world would ever take up super heroing. “How are you holding up since the reset?” He knew that was a terrible way to ask about her missing dad, lover and team mate.

“As well as I can I guess,” Nightstar said and looked as if she was going to say more but suddenly there was a bright flash of light and a large shape impacted the area around the Tennis court. He dived off the roof behind her and they were quickly joined by several others.

“What the hell this isn’t how things restarted last time,” Doomsboy said as he climbed out of a large crater. “What are you all staring at?” Doomsboy said angrily. He glanced around quickly to see he and Nightstar had been joined by many others.

“Interesting it appears that Doomsboy has joined us in this cycle,” Metron said from above. “I will need you to come with me Doomsboy I must run some test to determine why you appeared so much later than everyone else.”

“Shouldn’t you be working on fixing Kon,” Cassie said drawing his attention to her as she glared at Metron. He glanced back toward the hotel where the machine currently reassembling Kon El was apparantly sitting un attended.

“The process is largely automated and Doomsboy’s appearance could point to potential dangers caused by how the last cycle ended.” Metron said calmly. He could tell Cassie wasn’t satisfied with that answer but she quieted down. “If you would come with me Doomsboy?”

He glanced over at the clone who looked mutinous. He was sure he was going to object to being studied when suddenly his face changed and he agreed quickly. He glanced behind him to see the Nightwing from the future walking towards them. He turned back to see Metron and Doomsboy were both gone and he wondered how they vanished so quickly. “Is there anything wrong?” Nightstar said to the future Nightwing when he arrived.

“No, I just need to speak to Robin,” The other man said. He watched Robin nod and the two walk away. He glanced around and saw the group who had showed up when Doomsboy arrived begin to disperse.

He took the opportunity to take back off toward the roof. He was just settling back down when Nightstar landed behind him. “I was wondering if you would be willing to continue our talk.” She said looking uncomfortable.

“Sure,” He said as calmly as he could. He hadn’t really considered that awkward exchange earlier a talk but if she needed to talk he’d listen. He felt extremely awkward as an uncomfortable silence fell and he almost wished there would be another interruption like before. “Anytime your ready to start.” He felt his cheek’s flushing with embarrassment.


He stood outside the room where his older counterpart was staying with the older version of Kon. Since they’d dropped the pretext they weren’t even pretending to sleep in separate rooms anymore. “Bruce, is nearly here,” He said quietly just like he’d been asked to do by the older Kon.

He heard a slight shuffling and soon enough the door opened and the older Kon stepped out just in a pair of black boxer briefs. He was carrying a pair of jeans but hadn’t put them on yet. He looked past the older Kon to see his older counterpart still asleep on the bed. “He hasn’t slept much the last two weeks.” The Older Kon said quietly as he shut the door. “You know how deep one of you bats can sleep when you finally let yourself relax.”

He did know it was something he had experience with. After pushing himself for several nights with little sleep he’d sometimes sleep the whole day away. He was a bit disappointed that he was still doing it thirteen years later. He glanced back at the older Kon who had lifted off the ground to pull his jeans on finally. He wasn’t surprised that the older Kon was just as unshy about his body as the one from his time. He was glad though that Kon wasn’t going to confront Bruce in just underwear that would make this entire experience even more surreal. He kind of wished the older Kon had grabbed a shirt as well. “By the way I want you to join us instead of just listening in through the bugs you’ve planted all over the roof.” The older Kon said shaking him out of his thoughts.

“Why,” he asked already aware this was going to be awkward as hell without him there. “My being there won’t help matters Batman isn’t happy about finding out about you and the older me.” He already knew that sooner or later he’d face an interrogation from Bruce about his relationship with his Kon over these revelations.

“You’d be surprised,” The older Kon said shaking his head. “Trust me you being there will help, he won’t be as big a jack ass if your there trust me.” The older Kon was smiling as he said it and then turned toward the roof access that opened before they got there.

Standing on the roof with the older Kon in silence waiting for Batman to arrive was slightly unnerving. He wasn’t used to a version of Kon who seemed completely at ease with the prospect of being around Batman. His Kon was never able to fully hide how nervous he was around Batman with his bravado. When the bat plane finally arrived and settled onto the landing pad they’d built on the roof it seemed even more strange because the older Kon was still standing there completely nonchalant as Batman disembarked and walked toward them. “We need to talk,” Batman said striding past them heading for the open roof door. However, before Batman could get there it closed slightly harder than necessary.

“We’ll talk here,” the older Kon said calmly from beside him. “You can ask whatever questions you want and then you will get back in your plane and go.” He found himself staring at the older Kon in shock at that matter of fact statement. “I’m going to be blunt Bruce, I don’t like you and I only put up with your crap in my time because your Tim’s dad and Clark’s best friend.” He could hear an edge of anger in the older Kon’s voice. “As a courtesy I am willing to answer a few of your questions,” Kon’s face turned incredibly hard as he continued, “but I am not spending what is probably the last few weeks I will have together with my Tim reliving what a jack ass you can be about our relationship.”

He glanced at Batman who was glaring at the older Kon as if he wanted to pull out a chunk of kryptonite then and there. He realized then this is why Kon asked him here Batman wouldn’t pick a fight with him standing right beside the other Kon. He had been manipulated into being a human shield so Batman wouldn’t start a fight. “How long,” Batman asked after a moment and he realized Batman had obviously decided to accept the older Kon’s terms.

“Seven years,” The older Kon said his face softening slightly. “Tim and I have been together for seven years.” He saw Batman nod and waited for the next question. The fact it had taken six years for the older him and Kon together made them slightly easier to take. It would have been well after the world change Metron had mentioned. “Anymore questions?”

To be continued...

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Disclaimer and notes on master prologue

Cycles of Chaos
Cycle Three
Chapter One of Six

“You look exhausted,” Barbara said as he slumped down on her couch in the clock tower. “I honestly wasn’t expecting you to drop by I could have emailed you the information; there hasn’t been any new sightings of the alternate Kon El and Bart Allen.”

“I know, I just needed a break from everything.” He said closing his eyes. “The last two weeks have been a nightmare.” He could still see the evil Kon and Bart taking off after Lara attacked them out of grief. “I don’t think we’ll be able to find them until bodies start showing up.”

“Are you certain they are that dangerous,” Barbara asked. “I know they attacked you all with a group containing Lex Luthor but isn’t it possible they were under mind control then?” He would have suspected that at first but during the few times he managed to speak with his older counterpart over the past two weeks that notion had been rejected.

“The older me says that’s not possible and that unless the rules have changed they aren’t even a future version of Superboy and Impulse.” He watched Barbara taking in what he’d said. “So far both times the dopplegangers of people who already exist disappear in the reset.” He looked down at one of the many computer screens not seeing what was written on it. “He said they are most likely clones created by that world’s Batman after they died.” He looked over at her. “And even though they have the same genetic make up they aren’t technically the same person.”

“That makes sense I suppose,” She said typing away at the keyboard. “Cloning dead super heroes doesn’t sound like something Bruce would do,” Barbara said zeroing in on what he didn’t want to admit but then again she had also been trained by Batman. “Who was Batman in that future that kid of his and Talia’s?”

“I was that Batman,” He admitted though it would be easy to blame it on Ibin. “Apparently in that future the death of Kon and Bart is enough to push me over the edge and I spend years trying to clone them until I finally succeed.”

“That doesn’t really mean anything Tim,” Barbara said gently. “I’m sure there are worlds were I become a fascist dictator.” He knew she was trying to comfort him and after everything else he’d seen she was probably right there probably was a world where she was a dictator. That didn’t really make him feel any better. “So about those four Super boys any luck on finding a way to put them back together.”

“No,” He said grateful she had changed the topic. “Cassie doesn’t like coming to the hotel anymore since the one with the yellow energy form follows her around begging her to go out with him.” He saw Barbara smile. “All four of them seem to be different portions of Kon’s normal personality.”

“So the yellow one is his romantic side?” Barbara asked still grinning. “What about the Green Blue and Red ones?” He could understand her curiosity but the situation had stopped being interesting and started being disturbing about the time the yellow one started begging for a spy cam to put in Cassie’s bedroom.

“I wouldn’t call the Yellow Kon romantic,” He said. “He’s obsessed with Cassie and I’m worried it might turn dangerous he is lacking what little social understanding the complete Kon El has.” He saw her eyes widen. “The other three aren’t much better the Green Kon is determined to be a hero but completely ignores everything else I only know where he is by keeping track of the media coverage of his exploits.” He supposed that one was probably the least worrying since he was actually doing some good for the world. “The blue one is I think Kon’s seldom used intellect and he’s managed to master his energy powers in two weeks but has almost no drive to do anything that isn’t learning even more about them.”

“And the Red one that is currently causing trouble all over the place with one of the other visitors from another time line?” Barbara asked as she brought up an image of the Red Kon and Barry West laughing surrounded by girls on a beach somewhere.

“The Red one seems to be all of Kon’s irresponsible behaviors rolled into one.” He said looking away from the screen. “We need to find a way to merge them back together as soon as possible the longer they are apart the worse their differences seem to be getting.” As soon as he finished talking an alarm sounded. “Where’s the trouble?”

“At the Young Justice base,” She said pulling up a video feed. “Looks like you were right to be worried about the yellow one.” He frowned as he saw the Yellow and white Energy Kon fighting with the Ray.

“I need you to send me there immediately you have hacked the Justice League teleporter haven’t you?” She nodded. “Good maybe I can do something to calm this situation down before it gets even further out of control.” He walked back a ways. “Send me there now.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary anymore,” She said and he looked at the video feed. Metron had shown up and somehow disabled the Yellow Kon who was lying on the ground in his human form. “Do you still need to go?”

“Yes, Metron hasn’t been seen for two weeks I need answers about what’s going on and he can give them to me.” She nodded and soon enough the transport had begun. He was running threw the possibilities of what could have started the fight as the transport finished and he found himself outside the hotel.

Metron was in the process of placing the Yellow Kon in a tube like device. “What happened,” He asked as soon as he saw the others. He saw Cassie helping the Ray up while shooting a dark glare at the Yellow Kon. “He didn’t attack you Cassie did he?”

“No, I was just talking with the Ray and he snapped,” She said looking back at him. “He started screaming about how I was his and he wouldn’t let the Ray steal me because I belonged to him.” She turned away. “I never imagined any part of Kon could be like that.”

“Do not judge him too harshly Wonder girl,” Metron said as he finished encasing the Yellow Kon in the tube. “He is made up of the smallest fraction of Kon El and basically only exist as Kon El’s feelings for you without any balancing traits.” The new god turned toward them and looked over at the blue Kon who was standing back watching. “We need to merge you and your three counterparts back together as soon as possible otherwise the complete Kon El’s own mental health could be affected.” Metron then turned away. “I will return to assist in the merging once I have completed one other necessary act.”

“Wait,” He yelled but it was too late Metron faded out again. “We aren’t going to have trouble getting you to agree to be merged with the other three again are we?” He asked the Blue Kon who had lowered himself down to stand with them.

“I will not be the problem, I am looking forward to reintegration,” The Blue Kon said which surprised him. “However, none of my brothers share that desire and I imagine they will have to be forced to reintegrate.”

“Why are you willing then,” Cassie asked before anyone else said anything. “How do we know you aren’t just playing along and planning to take off first chance you get?” He could understand her suspicion but this Kon hadn’t shown much drive to do anything after basically mastering his powers.

“Because I feel unnatural,” The Blue Kon said looking right at her. “I look at all of you and I feel nothing I know from my memories that I am supposed to care about all of you but I don’t.” The blue and white energy being kept staring at Cassie who turned away. “At the very least the reintegration will be a fascinating new experience one of the few things I can look forward to.” He began to lift off the ground. “I will go locate and contact my heroic counterpart to lure him back here.” He disappeared into the electrical wires after saying that.

“I still don’t think we should trust him,” Cassie said and he privately agreed. “Tim can you track down the Green Kon for us?” He nodded and headed inside toward the computer set up. He settled down and was just beginning a search for media reports on the Green Kon’s activities when the Blue Kon returned out of the power socket.

“I have spoken with him and told him that his assistance was needed to restore sanity to the Yellow Kon,” He said looking around. “I told him he could finish his list of emergencies he intends to intervene in before coming since the more he weakens himself the easier he’ll be to force to integrate.”

“How did you find him so quickly,” Cassie said staring at him. “Robin was just beginning a computer search I can’t believe you fond him quicker than he could.” He had a pretty good idea how the Blue Kon had done it but he was curious if his guess was correct.

“Robin was using the internet I was inside it,” The Blue Kon said simply. “I could find any information I wanted at the speed of thought without having to bother typing into a keyboard.” He’d guessed correctly and took a moment to appreciate exactly how powerful that made Kon. He’d never considered how powerful Superman was during his brief stint in a similar form because his power was so much less physically impressive. He would have to remember not to make that mistake in the future.

“That just leaves the Red Kon,” Ray said from where he was standing behind Cassie. “I know last time I saw him he was with that Barry West from another world.” He glanced up at the blue Kon who seemed unconcerned. “Shouldn’t you go find him.”

“I already know where he is,” the Blue Kon said and turned toward the screen. “He’s in the hotel and very busy so I doubt he’ll be going anywhere.” He saw it then a strange sort of detached expression of curiosity on the blue Kon’s face. “See for yourself.” The security feed started before he could stop it.

He heard a gasp as the image of the Red Kon in human form having sex with Barry West appeared on the screen. He managed to kill the feed in seconds but everyone present had seen enough to know what was going on. “That has to be fake,” Cassie said clearly in shock.

“It is not,” The Blue Kon said before anyone else. “There is security footage from several other incidents over the last two weeks if you need to see more to believe it.” He was watching the blue Kon’s face and realized that he was enjoying watching the reaction of everyone else he was treating it like an experiment. “I take it that other than Robin none of you were aware that Kon El is bisexual?”

All eyes turned toward him and he vowed to keep a close watch on the blue Kon until the Kon’s were recombined. There was something disturbingly familiar about the blue Kon’s approach to things.


He emerged from the tank feeling wet and dizzy. He tried to remember how he got here but couldn’t. “Easy,” Tim’s voice said as the other man approached and began to dry him off with a towel. “Your lucky to be alive that bullet should have killed you.”

“Then how did I survive?” He asked as he looked around and realized he was at the Fortress he thought it looked a bit different than the fortress he remembered. He could tell by how methodical Tim was being that he was in full Red Robin mode to deal with the stress.

“This is how you survived sir,” One of the Fortress Robots said as it approached carrying his uniform and the mother box. “This piece of New god technology placed you into a state of stasis that maintained your life force during treatment.”

“Thanks MB,” he said and the thing pinged almost happily in response. “How long was I out?” He asked Tim hoping to coax him back to being Tim and not Red Robin. He could tell it was going to be difficult as Tim looked up at him with the mask firmly in place.

“About two weeks,” Tim said after a moment as he stepped back to allow him to pull on his repaired costume. “Once you are back on your feet we need to rejoin the others at the hotel the situation has changed for the worse.”

“Tim, relax a little I’m okay,” He said as he finished pulling on his costume. “Don’t turn into Bruce the second on me now.” Tim turned back toward him and he thought he saw a bit of emotion but before anything could happen Metron appeared.

“Where have you been for the last two weeks,” Tim said snapping back into Red Robin mode and glaring up at Metron. He suppressed a sigh and grabbed MB to strap her back on his arm. He could tell Tim was getting ready to lose it at Metron.

“There was no need for me to return until I found a way to safely reintegrate the divided younger Kon El,” Metron said and he glanced Tim who gave him a nod clearly meant to say I’ll tell you later. “There is also a potential problem I did not foresee until now.” Metron looked down at them. “Red Robin your shield will begin to fail within the next three weeks and a few days later Night wing’s will also begin to fail.” Metron looked worried. “There is no way to predict what will happen with both of you generating temporal shock waves at the same time, especially after the damage caused by Wonder woman’s actions.”

“What do you mean by that,” He snapped before Tim could say anything. “Are you saying what happened with those evil time traveling Titans was somehow Cassie’s fault?” He felt Tim’s arm on his shoulder and did his best to calm down.

“No but she didn’t heed my warnings and confronted them,” Metron said gravely. “The result was her shield failed prematurely but reality did not completely reset the past Kon El was split into four separate energy beings, Doomsboy vanished, Bart Allen remains missing and two of the dangerous Titans remain loose on this world.”

He really needed someone to catch him up. “All right so how do we fix things?” Tim asked and then suddenly they weren’t in the Fortress anymore. They were standing outside the hotel where a blue and white verison of his younger self had two others trapped in a cage of electricity.

“Metron, can you supply containment for my brothers?” The blue and white energy being asked and two tubes appeared. “Thank you.” He watched as the red and white energy being along with the green and white one were dropped into the tubes. “May I ask how you intend to merge us Metron?”

“With this machine,” Metron said as a floating cube appeared. “It will recombine your energies and reconstitute the original Kon El.” He looked around and saw there was a yellow and white energy Kon also in a tube. “Now if you will consent to being put in a tube the reintegration can begin.”

“That won’t be happening,” The Blue Kon said and then lashed out with a blast of electric energy clearly aimed at the machine. The only one who didn’t appear shocked was the young Tim who was already moving throwing one of his many toys at the energy Kon. It never made it as the device instead of being destroyed simply sucked up the blue Kon before moving to an empty tube that appeared and somehow depositing the blue Kon inside it.

“Now we can begin,” Metron said completely unfazed by what had happened. “It will take some time to set up the proper apparatus and make the final calculations.” Metron casually began to summon equipment form where ever he had been getting it all along.

“You knew he was going to double cross you,” the younger Tim said staring at Metron with suspicious glare. “How did you know he would do that?” He was just as curious himself and he knew his Tim had to be as well.

“Because I knew which parts of Kon El he was made from,” Metron said looking around. “He was not Kon El’s intellect as you surmised but instead his arrogance.” Metron smiled slightly. “Free from other distractions and emotions the blue Kon could easily make use of his innate intelligence to it’s full and dangerous potential.”

To Be continued...

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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Marvel just borrowing it for my own and hopefully the amusement of other fans.

This is a fic in my Amends verse of interconnected fics. This is part of the Side story Journey Through Time.

Contains: Nothing really


She stood waiting with the others as they waited for Reed to give Jamie the go ahead to attempt to create a dupe to make sure his powers worked. Archangel’s blood had apparently stabilized his altered mutation but the visible side effects were still disturbing. She found the white hair and red eyes slightly unnerving. “Just a few more minutes James,” Reed said from where he was checking his equipment. “I want to make sure all scanners are calibrated before you begin.”

She glanced around at the others and felt her eyes drawn to Nate and Sam who were hanging back alone. She still had no idea how long they’d been wherever Mother Askani sent them. She’d sensed their minds vanish and rushed to their room. She’d burst into the door just as they returned only gone for a few seconds on this end but based on what little they said it was much longer for them. She wished there wasn’t such a gulf between them now but ever since this trip began she and Nate had drifted apart and these recent events only made it worse. “All right James try to create a duplicate,” Reed said drawing her attention back to the test.

Jamie clapped his hands to create the dupe and then nothing happened. She felt his spike of fear as he tried again. “Why isn’t it happening,” he said clearly afraid. He was beginning to glow as he kept clapping his hands. “Wait I think I got it.” He said suddenly and then the glow vanished and there was a second Madrox there but he looked like her groups James used to.

“I see,” Reed said from his scanners where he was looking. “James try to reabsorb the duplicate you’ve created.” She sensed her Jamie’s reluctance but the dupe stepped forward not seeming to mind She watched as he tried but he just didn’t seem to be able to. “I was afraid of this it appears that your body insisted on creating a new Madrox Prime instead of just a dupe you will not be able to absorb anyone you create.” He then looked at the readings. “However, I believe you are not limited to simply duplicating yourself you may be able to duplicate others.”

“I don’t think I want to try that out,” Jamie said looking over at the other Madrox. “I don’t think anyone else wants an extra copy of themselves running around.” She could sense that most of them agreed with him though one or two were curious. “So I guess I’m grounded from using my powers and it looks like you guys get a multiple man on your team to keep even after we leave.”

The End.

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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Marvel just borrowing it for my own and hopefully the amusement of other fans.

This is a fic in my Amends verse of interconnected fics. This is part of the side story Journey through time’s own side story Timeline Three and a half.

Contains: Nate/Sam, People’s minds forcibly sent to alternate world.

The Lesson

“You’ve been really quiet the last few days we’ve been here,” Sam asked from where he was sitting on the bed in the quarters they were sharing. “I mean this world has major problems but at least there isn’t at tyrant ruling over everyone.”

“I’ve been thinking the other day when ArchAngel was visited by Mother Askani I sensed her and nearly managed to grab a hold of her psychic presence,” He admitted seeing Sam’s eyes widen. “I think next time she shows up I can get a good enough grip to make her send us home if she really is the one behind this.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea,” Sam cautioned. “We don’t know why she’s doing any of this and we have no idea how she’ll react to you trying to grab her.” He could tell Sam was worried but he was confident he could hold her. “Perhaps you should bring Rachel in on this the two of you together would be even stronger.”

“I’ve thought about that, but I am not sure I trust her enough after the things she’s kept from all of us on those last two worlds,” He admitted. “I could sort of understand what she did on the first but on the second she made a deal with that creature without consulting any of us.”

“All right this has to stop,” Rachel’s voice said and he looked up to see Mother Askani standing there. “You nearly grabbed me and I can’t have you interfering every time I have to take an action near you.” Mother Askani looked angry. “So I’m warning you knock it off I’m doing this for the good of your future.”

“Maybe I’m tired of people meddling in everyone’s lives for the good of the future,” he said letting his own anger show. “First Maddie, now you and we are supposed to just sit back and let you throw us from world to world.” He looked back at Sam who nodded. “You can forget it.” He grabbed a hold of her presence then and felt her fighting back with incredible force.

“You have more raw power than I do at the moment Nate,” She said smiling sadly. “But I know more than you.” She waved and he sensed Sam’s mind vanish. He released her in shock and turned to see Sam passed out on the bed.

“Sam,” He ran over and attempted to revive him but then he sensed Mother Askani’s power entwining him. He tired to fight back but she had too good a grip and then everything went black and he opened his eyes inside a familiar canister.

He forced his way out and searched for Sam he found him then in trouble. He moved as quickly as he could wondering not only how he got here but what happened to his clothes. He rounded a corner to see Sinister had sam by the throat. “I don’t know how you finally broke through the brainwashing Cannonball but I can easily fix that.”

“Leave him alone,” he yelled hitting Sinister with a full strength tk blast. He noticed then that Sam looked older, his hair was much shorter and he had marks tattoos on his face. He saw Sinister getting up and prepared to fire again.

“So my ultimate Weapon is also awake despite being brain dead I will find out who did this,” Sinister said and vanished from sight. He heard explosions then so he grabbed Sam and went up wards through the ceiling. They crashed out into the open air and just barely cleared the area before the entire building exploded.

“You can let me down now Nate,” Sam said as they landed. “I don’t know how we got here but I just woke up following along behind Sinister as he talked about his plans.” He shook his head. “He looked at me and then said it was impossible and grabbed me by the throat.” Sam then frowned at him. “That’s not your body it is physically older and bigger more like Cables.”

“How observant Sam,” Mother Askani said appearing behind him. “The body I placed Nate’s consciousness in was a clone of Cable grown by Sinister he was hoping to use as a weapon against Apocalypse.” She then pointed at Sam. “Your consciousness is in your own body that just spent the last ten years brainwashed into serving Sinister as leader of his marauders.”

“Why have you brought us here,” he asked as Sam looked too uncomfortable to speak. “And where are the others?” He didn’t sense the others anywhere around them. He was about to try to force her to speak when she just shook her head and sighed.

“This lesson is for the two of you alone,” She said looking at them darkly. “This is a time line where Maddie never came back to life and meddled and thus neither did I.” She then began to fade out. “Enjoy your time here boys it will not be pleasant but you need to learn to accept I’m working for the good of you all.”

He looked over at Sam who looked as lost as he felt. “I guess I should find some clothes and we should look around see what kind of world she’s stuck us in.” Sam nodded and they began to look around.

The End.

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Amends Journey Through Time Lesson Verse

This is a side story in Journey through time. This entire fic takes place between Journey Through time Third timeline Unnoticed and Testing. Nate Grey believes he can trap Mother Askani and force her to send them home only as a result she sends his and Sam's minds into a very dark world. They return seconds later but for them it has been many years. These fics show scenes from those years.

This Side story verse updated 6/25/2013

The fics

The Lesson: Mother Askani decides to teach Nate Grey and Sam Guthrie a lesson when Nate tries to force her to send all of them home.
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Disclaimer and notes on chapter one.

This chapter contains: Angst, A traumatized child, surprise visits by criminals etc.

Chapter Twelve
Rachel Summers

She hadn’t wanted to come here Genosha was painful for her to see a place where mutants thrived only reminded her of the world she came from and how different it was. “Can you tell me why you asked me to come?” She asked Jean having trouble calling her mom ever since she and her father divorced. She had the same problem with her father as well but he seemed to respect it. She could always see her mother’s disappointment when she didn’t say it. Which was quiet a change for their first meeting.

“Alex’s son from another world has been sent to ours,” Jean said after a moment. “His world was on the brink of destruction when he was sent so everyone he ever knew is probably dead I thought you could help Alex with what he can expect Scotty to be going through.”

“Slow down, I thought Alex was in a coma for four years but he knows this kid is his how DNA test?” She saw Jean shake her head no. “Then fill me I am kind of lost here.” She wondered why they didn’t just bother to call Cable or Bishop in to deal with this.

“While Alex’s body here was in a coma his mind was in the body of another world’s Alex for part of that time,” Jean said looking disturbed. “In that world Scott was abducted by the Shiar with his parents so Alex led the life Scott would have lived Scotty was his child with Madelyne Pryor.” So this kid was her brother in the same way Cable was and also her cousin. She tried not to think about that. “I asked you here since you have more tact than Cable or Bishop the only other two people I trust with experience with coming here from alternate time lines the boy is fragile and Alex isn’t much better just getting used to be back here.”

“There’s more going on than just this though isn’t there?” She could read Jean better than most. “There’s something going on that has you worried are you having problems with Hank?” She saw Jean flinched and guessed she was right.

“I want to get married but Hank doesn’t,” Jean said surprising her. “However, that’s not what’s bothering me Storm is convinced that the government is getting fed up with Scott and might take action soon.” She guessed that Jean’s worrying over Scott’s safety was why Hank wasn’t ready to get married. “But that isn’t why you’re here I need you to help Alex and Scotty and that’s it.”

“Of course I’ll be glad to help,” she said privately not sure she’d be able to avoid getting sucked into the rest of the X-drama. There was a reason that after she was freed from Bogan’s control she’d gone off to college and gotten away from the X-men life style. “Where are they now?”

“Alex’s room is this way and Scotty is too afraid to leave his side so we set up a cot.” Jean said tiredly. “I believe Alex is planning to leave Genosha in a few days because he’s not comfortable here because of that time he spent as a brainwashed Magister.” She wondered what the folks she went to school with would say if they knew she knew multiple people who had been brainwashed or possessed. She put it out of her mind and focused on doing what she needed to do as they approached she felt a light mental touch that alerted her that her knew half brother shared the family gifts. “He scans everyone who gets near checking for skrulls.” Jean said and then telepathically fed her information on how Scotty’s world ended. They opened the door and Jean stopped in shock. “Scott what are you doing here?”

“Meeting my nephew,” Scott said without a hint of remorse. “Hello Rachel, good to see you how’s school?” It was so mundane that she nearly burst out laughing it was easy to forget for just a moment that her parents marriage was over and she’d never be born in this world from them at least and that Scott was a wanted criminal. Scotty actually laughed at her and Jean’s faces and she saw Alex shoot a grateful look at Scott and she realized her dad had ambushed them on purpose to get the kid to laugh.

“I thought you were a lot different than the other Scott,” Scotty said when he calmed down. “But like Alex you have some things that are the same.” He said after a moment and looked at Jean. “I never really saw much of you at home, you and mom didn’t like each other cause of dad.” Jean looked extremely embarrassed and guessed that Alex and that Jean had been together in the other world at one point too. “So dad and Scott tell me that your like me that you came from a different world?” He said looking at her.

“Yes, I did,” For a moment she thought of the world she came form. “It wasn’t a happy place but there were people I loved that I still miss.” She could easily recognize the sadness in that boys eyes because it was the same for her he was thinking about his friends and family just like she was. “Would you like to go for a walk with me so we can talk?” She could tell instantly that Alex didn’t think she should have asked that.

“Sure lets go,” He said and she held out her hand and he took it. She knew the others would be confused by how quickly he went with her but they both knew a kindred spirit when they saw one. “So are your parents here?” He asked as they headed outside.

“Scott and Jean are my parents which makes you my cousin,” She wasn’t going to explain about clones because she didn’t know how well he’d understand. “I don’t call them mom and dad since they aren’t together anymore and it means I won’t be born here.”

“I had trouble calling Alex dad at first,” Scotty said as they walked. “I mean it bothered me that I could tell he wasn’t my dad especially when he’d do or say something nicer than my dad would.” He looked away. “I felt bad that I liked him better than my dad some times.” She wished she knew the right thing to tell the boy because she didn’t want to be the one to tell him that sometimes family were horrible people.

To be continued...

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Disclaimer and notes on chapter one.

This chapter contains: allusions to masturbation, arguments about who has it worse when their power makes their life hell.

Chapter Eleven
Bobby Drake

He was stuck on late night monitor duty again. He’d enjoyed seeing Hank but if he’d known that he’d get stuck waiting up watching for any emergency calls he’d have skipped the second twinky run and gotten a bit of shut eye so he wouldn’t be half asleep staring at the monitors. “Hey Frosty need help staying awake,” Jaimie said as he walked into the room and threw a play boy on the console. “Figured this might keep you more alert.”

“Very funny multiple man but I’ve already looked at that issue so much I can just close my eyes and see the centerfolds.” He wasn’t even kidding. “You know this being a mutant cop thing is murder on my social life and unlike you I can’t even live vicariously through a dupe running off to have fun.”

“Speaking of which that’s what I am a dupe off to have some fun so enjoy the rest of you monitor duty and the magazine,” Jamie said as he took off. He had no idea if that had actually been a dupe or the real Jamie screwing with him. He glanced at the magazine and would have simply thrown it into the trash but he knew if he did that someone would find it and he’d get blamed even though Jamie or a dupe of Jamie brought it to him.

He shrugged and stashed it under his uniform jacket he’d pitch it in one of the hall trash cans on his way back to his room when his shift was over. He wouldn’t get accused of jerking off on duty if someone noticed one in the hall trash cans. He really needed to get some time off and get a real social life.

He glanced at the security monitor and saw Storm heading down the hall toward the pool. Storm preferred to swim in lakes and rivers not pools so it was a good indicator that she wasn’t in the best mood and couldn’t sleep. He wished she’d come relieve him of his duty so he could sleep but knew that wasn’t likely to happen. Storm might would have if she didn’t have to deal with Bishop and Sage who were both extremely adamant that everyone did their fair share of monitor duty.

He understood their reasoning but at times like this when he was tired and aggravated he wasn’t really in the mood to be understanding. He glanced at the clock and wished he could make time go faster a small petty part of him dared him to pull out the mag and spend his time reading that but he refused to be the guy everyone still thought he was some times. He had tried hard to leave the class clown image behind but it still clung to him despite him now being a federal officer and even a team leader when Storm and Bishop were busy. However everyone still acted like he was just the class clown screw up it was beginning to really get on his nerves. “Hey Bobby, did a dupe come by here?” Jamie said starling him as he turned back to the door.

“Yeah he did left this,” he grabbed the magazine out from under his coat and threw it to Jamie. He was embarrassed that he’d been snuck up on monitor duty. He saw Jamie’s eyes widen as he looked at the cover. “What’s the matter was it another Runaway?”

“I don’t know I didn’t create him to go do anything but he didn’t exactly sneak out since he came by here to give you porn apparently,” Jamie said glancing back at the magazine. “So did he say what he was going to go do?” He knew that Jamie was having problems with his dupes lately that some waned to run away and live their own lives.

“He said he was going out to let you live vicariously through him while he was off having fun,” he said paraphrasing his conversation with the dupe since he wasn’t about to mention that he was jealous of Jamie being able to do that. “If you hurray you can probably catch him at your usual haunts.”

“That’s the thing I can never tell where a dupe will go here lately a lot of them pick up aspects of my personality even I didn’t know about.” Jamie sounded down. “I hate that my power seems to be going out of my control lately.”

“You’ll get the hang of it, at least when your powers go haywire you don’t get suck as a walking ice cube for six months.” He still had nightmares about it some time being just a frozen head and then being stuck as ice with no hope of changing back.

“No I have to deal with things like one of my dupes committing murder , or admittedly not as bad but still embarrassing have a pair of dupes turn up doing twin porn.” Jamie said darkly. “I think I’d take being a walking ice cube over all of that.”

“So you’d take never being able to touch someone again, never having sex, having to be careful whenever you were near water so you don’t freeze anyone it is touching?” He could still remember. “Being ice cold all the time and slowly losing your ability to care about anyone at all.” He had never told anyone about that since everyone had assured him it was just depression but he was still convinced it was part of the ice. “I’d rather do gay twin porn myself than go through that again.”

Jamie looked like he was going to argue and then he stopped and started laughing, “I’m sorry but we are actually arguing over who has it worse when neither of us can ever know what the other experienced.” He had to admit Jamie was right and it was funny. “Thank you by the way for not assuming I already sleep with my dupes like everyone else I’ve mentioned that too does.”

He wasn’t going to tell Jamie that everyone wondered if he did and also wondered if it would be sex or masturbation. “Your welcome but thanks for that image in my head.” He looked back at the monitor. “If you are willing to take over Monitor duty I’ll go track down your rogue dupe for you?”

“No I’ll find him myself I hate monitor duty,” Jamie said as he turned and left the room. He couldn’t blame Jamie but he would have loved to get out of the room early but the conversation had cheered him up so he was in a better mood as he turned back to the screen.

To be continued...

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Disclaimer and notes on chapter one.

This chapter contains: Mention of traumatic comic past, character death and alternate reality weirdness.

Chapter Ten
Alex Summers

The day after the visits he was taking his first walk around the grounds of the medical facility on Genosha. “You know if the rest of the world had these kind of medical abilities they might not hate mutants so much.” He said to Jean as they were walking along.

“We’ve tried the treatments that aren’t dependent on mutant healers have been offered to most countries but they are too wary of where they were developed.” Jean said with a tired expression. “Hank was heartbroken when some of his treatments were rejected by the US because he discovered them here on Genosha.”

He didn’t get to respond because he saw Lorna walking along with a small boy who shared her green hair. “Is that Lorna and Xavier’s son?” He asked even though he knew he had to be unless there was another green haired mutant on Genosha which he wouldn’t rule out.

“Yes, that’s Alexander Magnus Xavier,” Jean said as she looked down. “Lorna still hasn’t been to see you and talked to you about things has she?” He shook his head and began to walk back toward the hosptial. “Do you want me to call her over so you can meet her son?”

“No, I’ll let her wait till she’s ready to come speak to me,” he said after a moment. “I just hope she does it before I’m ready to leave because at the rate I’m going I’ll be leaving Genosha by the end of the week.” He wasn’t even winded as they continued their walk.

“You could stay on Genosha,” She offered. “We could use your help here at the school.” He couldn’t stay on Genosha to see the changes were wonderful but he could never forget his time as part of the original Genoshan government. “I’m sorry Alex I didn’t even think about that.”

“There’s also the fact that being here with you and Hank reminds me of that other world and I need some space and distance from it.” He said honestly. “I still worry about Scotty back there and there is nothing I can do about it.”

“I might be able to tell you something,” Jean said after a moment. “If I follow the traces left in your mind I might be able to see that world and see how things are going there if you want?” He felt a surge of hope and nodded his head he didn’t trust himself enough to speak. “Lets go back to your room and I’ll try I can’t promise any results.”

The walk back to his room was incredibly tense he had no idea how Jean was going to do this but he hoped she could succeed. If he really had been in that void for two years then a full two years would have passed back there and he could only hope things had gotten better for them. Once they were in there she directed him to sit down and she placed her hands on his temples. “You might get a few flashes form what I’m seeing but you have to keep calm and not distract me no matter what you see.” He nodded his throat tight.

He saw images off a flaming raptor and a dark void and then he heard it Maddie screaming for him and it took everything he had not to react and then the world went crazy and he saw Maddie shoving Scotty toward him even as she was bleeding from a wound in her chest. He fell backwards then the chair he was in falling over. He looked up to see Jean leaning against the wall staring in shock at Scott who was kneeling on the floor looking around with fear in his eyes. He got up and headed over to hug him. “Its okay Scotty its okay.” His son threw his arms around his neck and started crying. He held him until he stopped and realized Scotty had fallen asleep.

“You should read this,” Jean said softly handing him a note. “It came through with him when she used me to track back to you.” He didn’t understand that but he opened the note not letting go of his son.

“Alex, if this works before I die I will send our son through to you and he’ll be safe if it doesn’t well he’s still better off out there in another universe than on this one where the skrulls have taken over and ordered the death of all super humans, please take care of our son, and give him all my love Maddie.” The note read and he glanced down at his son in his arms.

He didn’t now how it was possible and he would mourn his friends from that world but he could help but smile at having his son back. “I don’t know how this happened Jean but I’m grateful I don’t think it would have worked without you reaching toward their world.” Scotty didn’t look any older which meant this probably happened only a little while after he left.

“I don’t know what happened Alex,” She said looking reserved. “If I had known that would have happen I don’t think...” She seemed to reconsider what she was about to say. “I’d have been more prepared for it.” She got up shakily then. “I’m going to call Rachel and get her to come here she can probably help Scott adjust to being in a time line not his own and I need to tell Charles and the others about this.”

He was left alone with his sleeping son and he knew that things were going to change now. There was no way he was going to be able to take Storm up on her offer to ever join the XSE or any other X- related project he needed to keep his son safe and give him a better life. He wondered how on Earth he was going to manage things.

To be continued...



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